Institute Objectives

  • to promote climate change mitigation
  • information and education of the public on the harmful effects of carbon footprints
  • to promote solutions for CO2 reduction
  • to promote the protection of air and the ozone layer
  • to promote environmental protection and sustainable development
  • to encourage speedy implementation of the Low Carbon Strategy with the aim of accelerating economic progress
  • to promote the adoption and implementation of the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
  • to provide support in the implementation of the Climate Act and the European Green Plan

To achieve the above objectives, the Institute will strive to bring together all stakeholders that will be affected by national strategies: Low Carbon Strategy and Climate Change Adaptation Strategy. Whilst valuing the opinions and needs of its members, the Institute will foster its relationships with local and international associations and institutions in the area of environmental protection and energy, and create favourable conditions for the implementation of its objectives.