– we are the first association of experts in the field of Climate Change and Policy, founded 9 years ago.


– to assist the business community in the fight against climate change, reduction of CO2 emissions, introduction of the Low Carbon Strategy, the Adaptation Strategy, and the European Green Plan into their business plans and processes and thus their sustainable – green economic development and growth both in the Republic of Croatia and the EU, while preserving the environment and climate.


– in the synergy of all sectors and the business community, to support a common goal: that the EU becomes the first climate-neutral continent by 2050!!!




> to promote climate change mitigation and adaptation
> to support the implementation of the Climate Act and the European Green Plan
> information and education of members and the public about efficient action responding to climate change
> to promote solutions for CO2 reduction
> to promote the protection of air and the ozone layer
> to encourage speedy implementation of the Low Carbon Strategy and the Adjustment Strategy in order to accelerate economic progres



Climate change, along with associated threats for property, health, and human lives, including our homes, is the greatest ever global challenge for humankind and society as a whole.

In thinking about how to help our own people and the economy as a whole and all its stakeholders, primarily companies from various sectors (in this extremely complex and vital area), we decided to establish the International Institute for Climate Action.

It was founded and it operates as an expert non-governmental organisation for performing economic activity and is a continuation of the activities started in 2012 through the Croatian Association for Carbon Footprint Reduction, or HU-CO2.

Mission statement


Croatia’s Council of EU presidency coming to end

On 30 June 2020, the six-month period of the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the EU ended.