Mission statement

Dear colleagues,

Climate change, along with associated threats for property, health and human lives, including our homes, is the greatest ever global challenge for the human kind and the society as a whole.

Like in no other area, it is the values that are protected (human lives and property regardless of race, gender, nation and religion, as well as the survival of the only home we have got) which make people unite around the idea that activities must be taken urgently and efficiently, all aimed at our own survival.

With the adoption of each new international treaty (and national strategies based on them), climate change policies at the global level require a rapid and effective establishment of new institutions that will contribute to the creation of strategies, thereby assisting signatory states (governments of relevant countries) to meet their commitments and goals, having in view the specifics of each country.

The lack of an effective enforcement system to implement the goals set by the Paris Agreement of 2015 further raises the bar of own responsibility and ethics of individual statesmen and women and governments that need to show through the effective measures and rapid implementation of the Low-Carbon Development Strategy and the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy that they truly care for their people and the sustainable economy of the country they represent.

The aforementioned threats impose a necessary to react in a timely manner, to plan activities and costs, to look into all possible funding sources for projects or activities, for either budgets, business plans or foreign funds and partnerships. Promoting and bringing the Strategy closer to its stakeholders should be understood and carried out through projects, such as visibility projects, in a manner that explains to stakeholders that commitments do not necessarily mean expenditure but rather an opportunity for competitiveness, success and profit. Depending on sectors, what needs to be fostered are togetherness and unconditional cooperation of all institutions that bring together the economic sector in order to bring about the maximum in this field.

Thinking about how to help our own people and the economy as a whole and all its stakeholders, primarily companies from various sectors (in this extremely complex and vital area), we decided to establish ‘International Institute for Climate Action‘, which was founded and operates as an expert non-governmental organisation is for performing economic activity and is a continuation of the activities started in 2012 through the Croatian Association for Carbon Footprint Reduction, or HU-CO2.

This association was a leader both in its own field and in its specific establishment under Croatian legislation for institution establishment. Namely, it was founded as an association of experts with the aim of connecting state administration institutions (undercapacitated at the time) and ‘operators’ (with numerous and often unclear obligations for significantly reducing CO2 emissions) in accordance with the Air Protection Act, and more recently the Climate Change and Ozone Layer Protection Act.

Namely, the reasoning behind having chosen this institutional framework lies in recognising the fact that only such an institutional framework could currently result in the effective implementation of the Strategies the implementation of whose measures requires cooperation and clear communication of stakeholders at several levels of government structure.

This also refers to the cooperation between various sectors and domestic and foreign experts from various fields who will help and encourage the implementation of the measures planned by the Strategies, all with the aim of implementing and performing the commitments taken for the benefit of the Republic of Croatia, as well as and entire European Union, its economic growth, and the benefit of all the people who live in it.

The costs of an Action are always lower than the costs of repairing the consequences, so let’s act – NOW!

Marija Pujo Tadić, President, IICA