The History of the Institute

The idea for establishing the International Institute for Climate Change had been evolving since 2012 and the Croatian Association for Carbon Footprint Reduction, which was a front-runner both in the topic it dealt with and the particularities of its establishment, requiring a new kind of adaptation to the Croatian legal system. Namely, it was established as an association of experts aimed at connecting public administrative institutions, largely under-capacitated at the time, and the operators who had often large, but unclear obligations under the new Air Protection Act.

Through the Institute, HU-CO2, an easier and faster method of communication was established between stakeholders and the public administration, which was met with the approval of experts from the Ministry of Environmental Protection who recognised the benefits of such an approach, in accordance with the expectations and obligations imposed on the Ministry by the EU institutions. In cooperation with those experts, several workshops took place and HU-CO2 members attended the signing of the Agreement in Paris, by which the member countries took over even more stringent obligations. The President of the Institute became a permanent member of the World Summit in China, where she held a series of lectures as early as in 2015 and 2016.

Therefore, the Board of Trustees of HU-CO2 decided to change the organisation’s name to International Institute for Climate Change, having aligned with the fast-paced developments in the field of climate change and the efforts invested in the transition to low-carbon economic development, including the addition of adaptation next to the necessary mitigation. It also modified the institution’s role and composition, thus ensuring higher efficiency in implementing the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, the Law on Climate Change and Ozone Layer Protection of the Republic of Croatia, but also the European Green Plan, which is to be intensively introduced into Croatian economy in the next several years.