EMAS register

The Institute offers its members the possibility of involvement and follows them through the entire process of inclusion in the EMAS register in agreement with the European Commission, which encourages organisations to get involved in the EMAS system at the European Union level.

EMAS (Eng. “Eco-Management and Audit Scheme”) is an environmental management and independent assessment system at the level of the European Union by which organisations assess their impact on the environment.



The key elements of the EMAS system are efficiency, transparency, and credibility, which is reflected in the continuous enhancement of environmental performance, external and independent verification of systems and indicators, full compliance with legal requirements, and mandatory provision of information to the public through the EMAS Environmental Statement. The system is voluntary and available to all economic sectors.

The implementation of EMAS at the European Union level is ensured by Regulation (EC) no. 1221/2009 with several subsequent amendments. The European Commission encourages the inclusion of organisations in the EMAS system.

The competitive advantage of EMAS organisations in the market is ensured by their promotion on the EU market (and beyond) using the EMAS logo, registration in the national and EMAS register of the European Union, as well as other prescribed mechanisms, including regulatory and financial incentives (subsidies).

At the EU level, most EMAS organisations are registered in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Austria.